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F.A.I.R furniture rental

F.A.I.R is the leading and professional rental company for furniture in Chinese trade shows, exhibitions, events and conferences market. With its extremely wide and modern range, good geographical market coverage and effective logistics services, F.A.I.R furniture rental is the right partner to ensure that you can welcome your guests at the appointed time and in perfect surroundings. In the last years, we have provided good products and service for many famous activities.  




            Effective service is always the key 

            for our success. F.A.I.R can meet your requirement not only for big 

            quantities of products, but also for only one or two pieces, we will be

            around you at any kind of small things with the fastest and most effective ways.

            F.A.I.R provides not only standard products in our stocks, but also

            non-standard products which you have special requirements. We have

            good partners for made-to-order not only for furniture, but also for other

            decoration materials in your shows, exhibitions, and events and so on.




F.A.I.R offers an extremely wide range – from the latest designs, the classic designs to the indispensable standard products and non-standard products. Of course, the quality of the range is meticulously maintained at a high standard.

In order to meet the specific needs of increasingly large-scale conferences and events, large quantities of certain products are available.

In conjunction with the continuous availability of our sales department – 24 /7 – this guarantees a highly flexible logistics service.



          When you have shows, exhibitions, events or conferences, you might have

          some ideas or you might have some functions requirement, which will be

          our advantages. We have design and technicians who can meet your needs

          for what you want. As long as you can image, we can do.






F.A.I.R has its professions who have been involved in furniture, design and exhibition for more than 10 years, which guarantees that we can provide the right products, right suggestions, right service from the beginning of furniture choice, performance of cooperation to the final site service. We know what you are caring, and we will meet your requirement at any time.





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