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Gerneral conditions


1.       Payment: Total rental amount should be paid within2 days upon signature of contract.

2.       The final confirmation of rental should be signed 3 weeks before the delivery time.

3.       Deposit: Deposit is one kind of compensation to guarantee no missing, no serious damaged or no returned for the rental items after the rent period expiry. If there are no these situations occurred, the lesser will pay back the deposit immediately
4.       Costs that are charged by Bousers/Expostion Centers and so forth for transportation and other services on its grounds shall be borne by the lessee and shall be charged to it by the lesser without and prior consultation.
5.       Check and Accept for delivery and collection: Both parties have the duties to provide at such destination or site a duly authorized representative respectively to accept the good and to give  written receipt. When delivery, if the lessee fails to provide for this, he will not be permitted to dispute subsequently the facts of the delivery and these conditions; while collection, if the lesser fails to provide you for this he will not be permitted to dispute subsequently the number and/or condition of the goods returned on termination of rent.
6.       When delivering to the project site, the booth must be suitable for installation and location of the rental items, otherwise, installation and location will be not provided or extra fee will be paid.
7.       Due to the natural characteristics of textiles, leather and timber, the color and grain pattern may vary slightly. When wood is stained according to a special sample, the Lesser cannot guarantee all the goods are  the same as the sample or other batch goods delivered in the past.
8.       Any dispute arising when executing this Contract should be resolved by Amicable consultation, if the consultation fails, the dispute .shall be submitted to the court of the lesser’s location under the terms of the “PRC, Contract Law”.
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